• afs

    Automated Firewall System

    • afs_web

      Django based web interface for afs

  • mlmmj-archiver

    mlmmj-archiver is a wrapper around hypermail to manage the HTML archive generation of mlmmj-based mailing lists. It uses a YAML configuration file to describe the lists and their options.

    This script was created from Martin Leopold's script. You can find the original version on his webpage:

  • Storpy

    With Storpy you can store your dvds, music cds and books online, after that make queries to find them easily and track each and every piece You lend to someone so You'll get them back for sure. Also You can keep track of your wishlist to never forget what You want to watch and read....

  • Tickpy

    Tickpy is a web2py based, simple ticketing system for system administrators and their clients. Tickpy is under heavy developement. First beta release will be out soon.

  • wotapi

    Python module to access World of Tanks clan and player related information.

Also available in: Atom